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Tax Return Preparation

Our primary business is the preparation of your tax return. We are here to make sure this chore easy for you and to get you the best possible tax result. This is a list of all the different tax return we see regularly during any tax season:

W-2 employee, Self Employed (Schedule C such as Uber, Lyft, Realtors, Cleaning Business, Handymen, Barber, Tattoo Artists, Beauticians,  etc.), Rental income, Gambling income, retirement, Investment Income (Schedule D), Capital Gain and others.

Whatever your situation maybe we will help you file your taxes with the certainty that is done the best possible way and that you will have no issues with it in the future.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is just as important as filling your tax return the right way. If you know your taxes will be bigger next year now is the time to prepare. There is no reason to let the IRS rob you of your sleep just because of a big tax liability at the end of the year.

  From setting up an online account with the IRS to coming up with an strategy to save money on taxes our specialists can help you, and most of these services are free for all our clients. Come and have a sit with us while we device a plan of action so that first, you do not pay the IRS more than what you have to with fees and penalties, and second so that you take control of your tax situation and know what to expect on April 15th.

Let us put our tax knowledge and our access to the most current developments in the tax laws to work for you.

Small Business Tax Return

Having your own business and being your own boss is everybody's dream. However, your small business tax returns might become a headache for you. It doesn't have to be the case. Even though personal tax return is our bread and butter, we can also help you file your small business tax return. From partner ships to LLC let us help you start that family business you always wanted.

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