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Here at Compass Taxes we like to provide you with the best service and advice possible. This is not limited to tax related questions but go further to other areas regarding your financial situations. The following are a list of business affiliates that through their hard and honest work have earned our recommendation and approval. We like to do our best for our clients and we make sure our affiliates do as well.

Real Estate

 Anahuac Ybarra Rojas is not just a certified and registered tax preparer. He is a fully licensed realtor with Urban Nest Realty in Las Vegas Nevada. Always doing the most he can for his clients, he has earned the rank of "Top Producer" with Urban Nest. From finding the right financing for you, to looking for your dream house, to representing you throughout the real estate transaction, let Anahuac be your guide in the right direction.

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Bookkeeping and taxes go hand and hand. Nancy and her team of professionals at Nevada Quickbooks Pro, are certified advisors that can handle all your accounting needs. They can help you set up your Quickbooks accounts and teach you how to run it yourself, or run it for you whichever is more convenient for you and your business. Give them a call to see how they can make your bookkeeping easier.

Home Loans

Having worked in the tax preparing and real estate business for many years, we know what you need to get that home loan you are looking for. Maybe you need to fix your tax situation, maybe you just need to find the right loan officer for you. Agaton Ybarra-Rojas is that loan officer. If you need help finding a loan, or you don't know if you can qualify for one, give us a call let us help you with that.

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